Separating the Facts from Fiction- Margarine vs Butter

Please share this so that we can separate the facts from fiction and help spread the truth (pun intended) for all of the kindergartens putting margarine on our kids spreads, nursing homes and hospitals using it, the people who buy it because they think they are doing the right thing for their heart health and for all the Drs, dieticians, nutritionists and cardiovascular surgeons that continue to recommend this to their patients.

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Fiction: Margarine will help protect us against cardiovascular disease and ‘unhealthy’ saturated fat.

Fact: Margarine will contribute towards cardiovascular disease as well as inflammation in the body which is a factor in many diseases including cancer, Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration etc. Saturated fat is not unhealthy; it is the natural fat that humans have always consumed to PROTECT against cardiovascular disease and to promote health and longevity

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Fiction: We should consume margarine to lower our cholesterol as lowered cholesterol assists us in protecting against cardiovascular disease.

Fact: Lower cholesterol is linked with higher mortality rates of all causes. High cholesterol does not cause heart disease. Cholesterol is essential for health. Lowering our cholesterol through diet (margarine) and statin drugs is dangerous and has many terrible side effects and consequences.–-there-is-a-relationship-but-it’s-not-what-you-think/,

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Fiction: Margarine, olive oil spreads and Nuttelex are ‘all natural’.

Fact: There is NOTHING natural about these products. Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil is a healthy oil when used in salads or in cooking on a VERY low heat as it has a low smoke point but seed oils including Canola, sunflower, safflower, soybean, corn oil, ‘vegetable oils’, grapeseed oil, rice bran oil etc are not natural substances known to the human body and are far too high in omega 6 making them highly inflammatory and dangerous to consume- and that is just when they are in their liquid form.

Some of the processes used to turn these oils into a solid rather than their natural liquid state at room temperature are interesterification, hydrogenation or partial hydrogenation. They involve heating to extremely high temperatures and using bleach and a common catalyst such as nickel to turn a polyunsaturated fat into a saturated fat; if partial hydrogenation is used we are also left with trans fats. Then of course additives, preservatives and colours must all be added to make the substance look, taste and smell like butter. The processing of margarine gives the end product of a substance that is rancid or toxic to our bodies, this creates free radicals and inflammation in the body which is actually linked with cardiovascular disease as well as a huge number of other health issues. (Margarine, Fat Lot of Good It Did- Cyndi O’Meara).


Fiction: The levels of trans fats in Australian margarine are safe as they are very low. Butter also contains trans fats and is no better than margarine.

Fact: Trans fats are found in nature in meat and butter in small amounts, in their natural form they are perfectly safe and contain anti-cancer properties. These trans fat are entirely different to the ones created as a result of partial hydrogenation. There are NO safe levels of man-made trans fats in the diet. We now know that even if there is an increase of just 2% of trans fat in the diet the chances of heart disease sky rocket by a whopping 23%. (Margarine, Fat Lot of Good It Did- Cyndi O’Meara).

Fiction: Butter is the bad boy lurking in your fridge.

Fact: Butter and ghee from healthy cows free to roam on grass and without chemicals, antibiotics etc (organic) is an extremely healthy part of the diet (unless you are unable to tolerate it).

Saturated fats actually make up 50% of our cell membranes and are vital for the stiffness and integrity of the cells. It goes much deeper than this saturated fats (healthy natural ones such as organic virgin coconut oil, raw organic butter from grass fed cows and animal fats, again organic, grass fed) are vital for healthy bones (no milk is not going to save you from osteoporosis, that’s a whole other scam and for another post). Our bones require saturated fats in order to effectively absorb calcium and other minerals. These amazing fats also enhance the immune system, contain antifungal and antimicrobial properties and are protective against harmful microorganisms in the digestive tract. Even more amazing is that they are the preferred foods for the heart. The fat around the heart muscle is saturated fat and in times of stress the heart will draw on these reserves of saturated fat. (The Cholesterol Scam Report, Cyndi O’Meara).

If you or your children can’t tolerate or choose not to consume butter please consider using avocado, homemade hummus, tahini, a natural nut butter, coconut butter, coconut oil or olive oil etc in its place. There is absolutely no reason to ever consume margarine or other spreads like it.

Fiction: We need to be on a low fat diet mostly made up of carbohydrates in order to maintain a healthy weight and to protect against cardiovascular disease and illness.

Fact: Fat does not make us fat, nor does it cause disease. The real cause of heart disease is not healthy, natural saturated fats, nor is it cholesterol. There are actually a number of factors involved which correlate directly with the modern diet. As we cut out animal fats, coconut oil and butter and introduced highly processed vegetable oils, margarine and low fat diets combined with a huge amount of carbs and sugar, cardiovascular, cancer and chronic degenerative illness absolutely skyrocketed. Eating in this way has led to particularly low levels of protective magnesium and iodine and vitamins such as A, C and D which are needed for the integrity of the blood vessel walls as well as antioxidants like selenium and vitamin E which protect us from free radicals but most notable is the disappearance of healthy, natural saturated fats which once protected us against the kinds of viruses and bacteria that lead to the onset of heart disease causing pathogenic plaque.

Prevention of heart disease WILL NOT be achieved by lowering cholesterol, either with drugs or substances such as margarine. The answer is to consume a diet which provides the protective fats and vitamins B6 and B12- these are mainly found in animal products (organic, grass fed is always best), by boosting thyroid function- as hyperthyroidism leaves individuals particularly susceptible to infections, heart disease and cancer (this can be done by using pure natural salts such as Celtic or Himalayan sea salt which is naturally high in Iodine, NOT TABLE SALT). We must avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies by consuming organic vegetables and fruits and using wholefood supplementation where appropriate and we must seriously limit if not eliminate highly refined and processed carbohydrates like cereal, bread and pasta (of which we are told to make the bulk of our diet) and sugar which causes inflammation in the body, as well as removing free radical containing vegetable oils and partially hydrogenated substances such as margarine that cause our bodies to require constant repair. MARGARINE IS NOT THE ANSWER! (Nourishing Traditions- Sally Fallon).

Please sign the petition and share this blog post, you never know whose life you could change by sharing this extremely valuable information with them.

If you would like to listen to the interview I did with Greg Cary from 4BC about the petition the podcast is here :) Have a beautiful day everyone and thanks for reading!! xx


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