A game changing, community building, travel reimbursement program

Are you doing Diamond Club in 2018?

What is Diamond Club? In short a travel reimbursement program that runs from Feb through to May (four months), participants can also provide extra incentives to classes or one on one attendees that physically show up to a Diamond Club event, these are covered by doTERRA and create urgency and excitement!!

It is an incredible opportunity to have doTERRA Corporate and up to three of your upline leaders sponsor you to travel and spread your business across Australia, building community and relationships and creating serious momentum and growth in your business.

In my experience there is absolutely NOTHING like Diamond Club to get your business cranking. I did Diamond Club in 2015 when I was still very new to doTERRA and took my business from the rank of a brand new shaky Gold to Diamond in the four month period.


These are the experiences of people in our team who have done Diamond Club over the last two years. The growth has been absolutely amazing. For example this year 2017 our teams overall volume was around 500,000 in January, by the end of Diamond club it was over a million. Our entire team had DOUBLED again in just that four month period. The number of rank advancements and new members we had was INSANE!!!! It is seriously the best thing you can do for your business.

“I went from silver to gold in DC. I flew all over the country and stretched myself out of my comfort zone. My team grew from 250 to 500 in that time and my income doubled. There were definitely challenges but I would do it again for sure. So much momentum, made so many new friends and nurtured new builders. And my team is now spread all over the place.”- Charlie O’Connor, Platinum

“DC taught me how to step up and be accountable with myself and my builders. New advocate numbers grew so fast and the connection I had with team members I had never had a chance to meet before, so so amazing. It was tough at times but worth the few rough days. I had would do it again in a heartbeat.”- Megan Limpus, Gold

“The growth achieved in my business through the support offered in Diamond Club was amazing. I went from the rank of Premier to Gold during my time. My team grew from around 80 people to over 450 during DC in 2016, across Australia. The opportunity gave me the chance to connect with my leaders across Australia, and support them in growing their teams. An opportunity not to be missed!”- Chantal Roelofs, Platinum

“A must! I explain it as sprinkling magic fairy dust all over your team . We double ranked from Gold to Diamond in the first month of DC and close of business May 31st we had created 1 Diamond, 5 golds, 5 Silvers,10 Premiers and far too many elites and executives to count . That energy continued into June and we created another Diamond leader, more Silvers and 5 new golds as we became a Blue Diamond Team . Our team grew from 1805 members at the start of February to now a team of 5483 and volume has risen from 84,163 to 353,136 OV ! That’s nuts 🥜!!”- Jackie Isles, Blue Diamond

“My builders emerged during diamond club, and I went from doing all the work myself, into this awesome collaborative effort that saw our team and volume more than double rapidly. So many seeds were planted then that are now paying off, one of those being my 4th leg to diamond!
I quickly learned I needed to step up and get organised, that there was zero space and time for fear, limiting beliefs and procrastination- that old way of being was suddenly really boring! (Don’t drop the ball on your Personal development during diamond club!!)
My confidence in holding classes soared, and this idea that I could actually be a leader started to become a reality.
I am so grateful I said yes to DC opportunity.
Was it hard- yes!
Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.”- Chelle Luke, Platinum

“DC literally opened up doors to so much possibility that I hadn’t even dared to imagine. Our team more than doubled in size & volume skyrocketed. Being able to offer free bonus oils to new members was awesome & was so blessed to meet team members far & wide. It really helped allow new builders emerge & shine. Multiple rank advancements all round.”- Natalie Sanderson, Gold

“Diamond Club is THE BEST opportunity to launch and see the snowball effect come to life. DC totally solidified my business and streamlined my activity. When you do something over and over, you inevitably become good at it, you know what works, what doesn’t and you work out ways to make things better for everyone involved. You know what you’re doing, your confidence grows, and you automatically step into leadership by guiding and collaborating with others. My team doubled in size and volume through DC. I started as Gold and ended as Gold… BUT within 4 months ranked Diamond. If you’re looking for a turbo boost to the higher ranks, commit, do it.”- Alison Bartolo, Diamond

“DC was literally the best thing I could have ever done for my business. I travelled all over Australia doing classes with my little family in tow. The relationships that were formed and solidified during DC with my team have been incredible. The self development that is part of the journey of diamond club is second to none. I learnt to be incredibly organised, flexible, my leadership skills blossomed and my confidence and belief in myself has grown so much. I feel that I also became extremely confident in teaching classes and was also able to pinpoint what worked and what didn’t work. The growth in my team has been remarkable and our team has tripled in size since DC began earlier this year. As a now solid Diamond team I feel that DC played a huge part of that and I am truly grateful for the experience.”- Amy Innes, Diamond

“It’s the step where your interest turns from Hobby… to Business. It lays out before you everything it takes for you to become accountable to yourself, to shift your vision into how you can help your team grow, & view the Action Orientated Activity necessary to become a Partner with the Company.”- Deborah Husbands, Platinum

Try not to get overwhelmed by all the information below, have a read of it a few times and chat to your uplines. People can literally do Diamond Club just in their weekends and many have done! I have team members who’ve done it while still working another job and with little ones in tow.

I did it breastfeeding a six month old and with my four year old too and we still had VERY little money at that stage. It was certainly challenging at times but SO SO worth it for the relationships strengthened, momentum and growth in our team.

Purpose of Diamond Club

Diamond Club participation provides personal development for yourself and your team members. It creates momentum, a sense of urgency provides additional support and resources for those who are committed to the program. Whether you want to participate yourself, or encourage members of your team to participate you will see the impact of results through enrolments, events held, regional development and volume.

Participation in Diamond Club develops the following skills:

• Planning

• Setting and achieving Goals

• Developing discipline and consistency

• Inviting and Teaching classes effectively

• Identifying new Leaders

• Closing classes effectively

How does participating in Diamond Club achieve all of this?

• Provides special training for participants

• Provides financial support from Sponsors and doTERRA

• Provides special event incentives

• Provides Awards and Recognition for participants

• Requires special effort and commitment by participants

Diamond Club transforms:

• The Individual by developing attributes and skills; improving their leadership skills, personal development

• Their Team by developing leaders, creating excitement, demonstrating how to hold classes, duplicating, creating long term relationships, building community,

• Their Business by growing the team, increasing volume, rank advancements, earning greater commissions, creating momentum


In order to qualify participants need to rank as Premier (or higher) by the end of December 2017. If you are wanting to rank advance you are able to participate in Diamond Club, even if you have previously participated provided you have not yet achieved the rank of Diamond Leader.

In order to participate in Diamond Club, the following requirements will need to be met:

• Qualify as Premier or higher in December 2017

• Personally enrol three new Wellness Advocates during the month of December 2017 (must enrol with at least 100 PV)

• 10 Wellness Advocates within your organisation must process a 100 PV LRP order in December 2017. These 10 must be within the Diamond Club Member’s own organisation and cannot be used by other members of their team to qualify themselves to participate in Diamond Club.

• 5 of these Wellness Advocates must be in your local area (within 100 kms of your home) on min 100pv LRP

• 5 of these Wellness Advocates must be in ONE of your Diamond Club out of area focus locations (all 5 must live within an area that they together could support a single event for Diamond Club) (at least 100 kms one way from your home). These Wellness Advocates are used to qualify for Diamond Club and do not limit where you can travel. You can travel to multiple locations (not just one focus area) after qualifying to participate in this program. However, it is recommended that you utilise this area as a strong location to help qualify each month.

• At least one Diamond Club sponsor (they will pay 50% of your qualified travel reimbursements), a maximum of 3 Diamond Club sponsors are allowed. Please ask your three immediate upline first, as well as your enroller as they will be the ones who benefit most. Try and get all three people to sponsor you as it will spread the cost more. Understand and be grateful that people are investing their own money into you so take it seriously.

It is the Diamond Club participant’s responsibility to find a sponsor for Diamond Club 2017. Participant’s should ask their closest upline and enroler first.

Why sponsor people in Diamond Club?

If someone is asking you to sponsor them SAY YES as trust me the return on investment is massive!!! Remember you are receiving commissions even if you didn’t enroll them the short and long term unilevel and growth is huge!

Any active Wellness Advocate (NOT JUST DIAMONDS!) can sponsor other Wellness Advocates in their downline who would like to participate in Diamond Club.

Your portion of the approved reimbursement is automatically deducted from your monthly commissions on 15th of every month from February to May 2018 as long as the participant is still actively engaged in Diamond Club.

Remember this is an investment and a VERY worthwhile one for your business and you will be earning commission from the person participating in Diamond Club so don’t go into fear, scarcity, lack around this. Do some money magnet tapping and be grateful for the money going out for MORE to come back your way!

Remember to cheer your Diamond Clubbers on! Be there for them emotionally, see how else you can support them, champion them, support them to achieve their goals and celebrate them and their efforts wherever possible.

Diamond Club Timeline

October/November 2017 Start discussing with family and loved ones, upline and planning and preparing, travel to an out of area location at least once or twice to ensure you have enough people on LRP in a location at least 100km from you. Start planning and working towards your rank goal and LRP goals to qualify!

December 2017 Qualify as Premier or higher, personally enroll 3 WAs, meet LRP requirements (more detail below) find up to three upline sponsors, please ask your immediate three upline first and go from there. Apply by the end of December to participate

January 2018 Plan your Diamond Club Events

February to May 2018 Conduct your Diamond Club Events 2017

Diamond Club Monthly Requirements

These requirements must be met to continue participation in Diamond Club.

• Hold three* out of area events per month in area(s) that are no less than 100 kilometers from home

• Hold three local events per month to ensure your local team receives ample support while you are developing new areas

• Enrol 18 new Wellness Advocates through Diamond Club events (local and out of area) each month** of the contest.

• Must conduct dōTERRA related business and dealings with utmost integrity and adhere to company policy

• dōTERRA reserves the right to disallow any contestant that manipulates the rules

*Maximum of six out of area events will count towards monthly reimbursement. Travel to out of area events will qualify only by travelling at least 100 kms one way from your home.

**during February to April of Diamond Club you can have a grace month where the monthly enrolment requirement is 10 enrolments. Those who reach the 18 enrolments in every month of Diamond Club will receive a bonus 10 Diamond Club points.

Only event and enrolments (from those events) in which the Diamond Club member personally participates in the presentation will count towards your required monthly enrolments (18) and for Diamond Club enrolment incentives.

*New enrolees do not need to be personally “enrolled” to count towards the monthly enrolment requirement (18 enrolments)., these could be anywhere in your team.

Travel Reimbursements

Flying: You can claim $250 per trip

Driving: You can claim $200 per trip paid at $0.22 per kilometre

Where you have travel plans with multiple events you cannot combine these funds for use.

EG Fly from WA to SA for a meeting in Adelaide $250 eligible.

Drive 27.4 kms from Adelaide to Hahndorf $200 not eligible

Diamond Club participants must claim their reimbursements. They must be submitted no later than midnight (Utah time) on the first day of the month. Participants must meet the event and enrolment requirements. A maximum of 6 trips can be submitted each month.

On being accepted in Diamond Club, participants will receive further information and on request will be provided with a spreadsheet so they can claim and track their expenses, keep track of events, enrolments, classes and all the things that are required of them.

So are you doing Diamond Club in 2018???

If you are wanting serious growth, momentum, rank advancements, solidity and strength in your business then back yourself and say yes to this incredible opportunity!!

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