Have You Got Your Free Frankincense? + How to Use

Did you know you can get yourself a FREE Frankincense essential oil this month valued at $119.97 RRP? If you’ve already got a doTERRA account simply log in and place a 200pv order OR if you don’t yet have an account, sign up with a 200pv order (the Home Essentials, Nature’s Solutions, or Oil Sharing kits or custom order of equal or greater value) and your free Frankincense will be shipped out with your first order!

Why is this the best promo ever? Because Frankincense is seriously amazing and a very valuable and precious essential oil.


Frankincense has been used anciently throughout history, you can find references in the Bible or burning Frankincense in religious ceremonies and of course was given to Jesus by one of the three wise men, the Ancient Egyptians used Frankincense for everything from perfumes, to soothing salves for the skin. It is well known as one of the most prized and precious essential oils for its extraordinary benefits.


Our Frankincense is particularly precious because it is absolutely 100% pure and sourced ethically and sustainably through doTERRA’s co-impact sourcing method.

Our Frankincense essential oil is sourced in Somalia, where unfortunately prior to doTERRA, middle men were renowned for ripping off the farmers.

doTERRA has since come in and provides frankincense harvesters with fair wages and on-time payments (including food and cash prepayments spread out during the year) by working around the layers of middlemen and instead working directly with those who harvest and sort the frankincense. This arrangement provides a much more stable and reliable income to frankincense harvesters. doTERRA is also working with our partners to ensure that the cleaning and sorting of the frankincense resins takes place as close to the harvesting locations as possible so that these important jobs (typically held by women) remain in rural areas where they are most needed and benefit the harvesting families. Our initiative also ensures that these women receive fair wages and that they are able to work in more favorable working conditions. Along with these sustainable sourcing efforts, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation has also funded the construction of two new schools for hundreds of students from harvester clans. These efforts are making a positive impact for improving the rural families’ livelihoods.


doTERRA has spent the last several years working with scientists to determine the ideal balance of each Frankincense species to improve the therapeutic chemical profile for this precious oil. Through additional sourcing partnerships with growers of generations-old frankincense trees in Somalia, and ongoing sourcing agreements, doTERRA has developed access for the highest quality resin tears for three Boswellia species—Carterii, Frereana, and Sacra. Each specie contains unique characteristics and components; when combined together they produce the world’s finest therapeutic grade Frankincense essential oil.

How to Use

I personally go through more Frankincense than any other oil in my entire collection because Frankincense enhances everything! It is known as the King of Oils for very good reason.

  1. I use it pre and post workout, underneath either the Ice Blue rub or Aromatouch, it is such a beautiful oil to layer and helps me recover faster, relax my muscles and ease any tension or pain.
  2. I love to layer Frankincense on my throat if I ever get a tickle with some Lemon essential oil. I also boil water and put a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, manuka honey and a drop each of Frankincense, Lemon and Ginger to make an incredibly soothing and revitalising tea.
  3. Frankincense is truly miraculous on your skin. Try adding a drop to your serum at night, especially around the eyes, or use it to nourish your hands and nails, add a few drops to your body moisturiser or cracked heels.
  4. Frankincense is an incredibly calming and grounding essential oil, it helps me balance my nervous system and provide comfort in times of overwhelm or stress. Try applying it to the soles of your feet or wearing on aromatherapy jewellery or your wrists and the back of your neck. I like to layer it with the Balance Grounding Blend.
  5. Did you know Frankincense can help you focus? Try diffusing it by your desk with some Lemon or Lime essential oil, it’s also one of the oils in our InTune Focus blend for this reason.
  6. If you’re feeling nervous or anxious, try putting a drop or two of Frankincense in the palm of your hands, rubbing them together and breathing deeply. Frankincense is also often using in labour, a great one to diffuse and apply to the lower back to ease tension.
  7. There’s nothing like a good, soaky, Frankincense bath! Try adding a cup of Epsom salts to your bath and a few drops of Frankincense essential oil and feel your tension and worry melt away!
  8. Try putting Frankincense on any sun spots, wrinkles, stretch marks or discoloured or damaged skin. It is incredible!
  9. Frankincense is incredible in SOOO many perfume and diffuser blends. Try Vanessa Jean’s signature blend, Frankincense, Wild Orange and Lavender.
  10. I love Frankincense in the diffuser as a part of my evening bedtime routine. Give my extreme relaxation blend a go below!

There are quite literally about a million more uses for Frankincense then the ones listed. I highly recommend getting yourself a good essential oil handbook and checking out some apps and also if you love research, search for Frankincense journal, research and medical articles, you will be amazed by the varied uses and incredible results people get using this stunning oil.

Extreme Relaxation Blend Recipe

This blend is normally what I roll on the soles of my feet, wrists, back of neck and over my chest before bed and drop it into the deepest and most restful sleep ever.

However if you’re a bit of a stress head at Christmas time I HIGHLY recommend making this up and taking it everywhere, apply liberally before going anywhere near the shops, or on Christmas day, apply and pass around the table for everyone else to enjoy and have a CALM and happy Christmas. Beware though it can make you feel like a nap!

In a 10ml roller add

10 drops Copaiba

5 drops Frankincense

5 drops Vetiver

3 drops Patchouli

3 drops Juniper Berry

3 drops Green Mandarin (or Bergamot)

1 drop Cedarwood

Top with fractionated coconut oil.

Want your Free Frankincense?

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Enjoy! Jessie