Wholefood Recipe Challenge with Cash Prizes

WHOLEFOOD RECIPE CHALLENGE!! Cash prizes! Top Prize $1000 Second Prize $500 Third Prize $250
Seeing as our Government give 4.5 stars to products that list their FIRST ingredient as sugar and actually PROMOTE that each straw contains less than half a teaspoon as something to be proud of I think as parents and consumers we should take things into our own hands and start a campaign to help us ALL out and educate each other.
So I have created a wholefood recipe challenge. You must follow these guidelines to go in the draw for these cash prizes.

1. Make a SIMPLE recipe with high nutritional value using wholefood ingredients. I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, I also don’t want to eat or feed my kids junk. I NEED IDEAS and so do plenty of other busy people that want to do the best thing for their own and their families health but might need a little support.

2. Post the recipe as a blog or on social media using a video or photo of what you’ve made and instructions.

3. POST the petition link with the recipe https://www.change.org/p/australian-government-scrap-the-healthy-star-food-rating-system

4. Use the hashtags #wholefoodrecipechallenge #boycottstars #healthstarratingpetition

5. and tag Jessie Reimers on facebook or insta @getafreshstart so I can review your submissions!!!

Winners to be announced Monday 16 April on my page
eg here’s a super simple healthy one
Banana & Egg two ingredient pancakes
Mix together
Warm pan to medium, use a little coconut oil or grass fed butter.
Add batter to pan 30 seconds on each side and serve.
OPTIONAL top with some coconut yoghurt and thin sliced strawberries.
Wouldn’t it be amazing if our Government actually invested in supporting local farmers, subsiding and educating and promoting fresh vegetables, fruit and well looked after animal products. Why don’t we have low cost cooking classes and educational seminars? Community gardens and chook pens in every neighbourhood for fresh eggs?
Food CAN be cheap and accessible. Every family deserves fresh, quality food and deserve to know what they are feeding themselves and their kids. Stop green washing the packaged processed products and start having an honest, transparent and open relationship with the food system.
BUT If our Government REFUSE to do this let’s take matters into our own hands!!! It’s time.
  • Totally bloody agree Jessie
    Time to take back our control over food and nutrition.
    Its disgusting, 3 times sugar and useless starch.
    No wonder we have an epidemic Diabetes and over weight epidemic

  • Good morning.
    I have entered (did my post privately as I have strict settings but then I also posted publicly)
    I was unable to tag you .. but I # you.
    I hope that’s sufficient.
    Excited to share my delicious & nutritious breakfast with everyone.

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