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Enter Our Massive Giveaway!!

  Enter here to win over $400 in Prizes Including- An AromaTouch Kit worth over $150RRP The AromaTouch Kit includes 5ml of doTERRA oils for the following Stress Management: Balance, LavenderImmune Support: Melaleuca, On GuardInflammatory Response: AromaTouch, Deep BlueHomeostasis: Peppermint, Wild Orange Lotus Diffuser $160 RRP And $100 Shop Naturally Voucher Some great runner up prizes [...]

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Where are the MILK BANKS???

Right. I’m having a serious fucking spitting venomous fire, mega rage attack. Head. Desk. Repeat. Right now I want to get a fucking ARMY of people and fucking scream this shit from the roof tops and bang pots and pans and fucking take a dump on the old, outdated, ludicrous, pathetic, fear mongering, propaganda, money [...]

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10 reasons to choose doTERRA

1. Because they are AWESOME, seriously give them a try and see for yourself. Their purity and efficacy will stun you. THEY ACTUALLY WORK. There are no fillers, synthetics, fragrances, perfumes, pesticides etc, just 100% pure Essential Oil. My friend paid good money for an Australian Certified Organic oil in a health food store, only to [...]

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The Candida Diet- DON’T DO IT!!

his is my face not being on the candida diet. Pure fucking bliss I tell you.  Here is a teaser for the ebook I just release called The Candida Diet, DON’T DO IT. Why sugar and carbs are essential for health and how to deal with your ‘candida’ problem without going on an extremely restrictive diet, killing the [...]

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How to Earn with doTERRA

doTERRA have amazing natural, 100% pure Essential Oils and other products that I have found extremely beneficial in my life and I believe everyone from birth to the very elderly can benefit from, to read more about why I chose this particular brand read this post. They also have an amazing compensation plan where you [...]

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The Birth Story of Havana

This is Briar’s story of the birth of her daughter Havana. “I had heard many great things about a “doula” once I realised I was pregnant and was on a journey to find as much information I could regarding a VBAC birth.My first birth was a failed induction which unfortunately resulted in a caesarean section, [...]

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