Why I Will Never Feed My Baby Rice Cereal

So the winning topic of the which rant will I rant my face off about next is RICE CEREAL. Fuck this shit. Do NOT feed it to your baby. And ignore your pediatrician or health nurse if they tell you your child need solids from four months just because they aren’t gaining as much (look for other signs that they are thriving such as having enough wet nappies and poops, settled and content after a feed etc and speak to a well recommended lactation consultant if you are concerned about supply).


Back to Farex. Fuck. No. Would not feed that shit to the CEO of the Heart Foundation never mind a newborn baby (because I’m nice like that). Cyndi O’Meara from Changing Habits has experimented with this. She was concerned about the ‘iron fortification’ and asks “what kind of iron? The iron in kale, spinach or other foods, or the iron shillings in my car? Those who have seen me talk may remember this, that the iron added into your food (not naturally present) can be extracted using a magnet. Yes, you heard right. I have done so myself. I crushed iron fortified cereal and removed the iron shillings with a magnet. It concerns me of how a 4 month old baby would metabolise this.”

SCREW THAT SHIT!!!!! Oh also the other ingredients include ground rice, sunflower oil, antioxidant, vitamin C, traces of wheat, milk and soy. My soy rant is coming up later today so keep an eye out for that and also FUCK SUNFLOWER OIL TOO!! Bah, bloody PUFAs, we don’t need anymore of that shit in our lives that’s for sure.

If you want to feed your baby rice when they are old enough (I won’t be starting my son on solids until he is 6 months of age, for various reasons, including the idea of the ‘virgin gut’) here is an idea, buy some actual rice, cook that shit up with the addition of some bone broth- traditional congee style and feed them that!

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