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Ultimate List of Excuses Every Wellness Advocate Needs to Read

It can be very tempting to convince yourself of all the reasons why you couldn’t create total success and abundance in your doTERRA or Network Marketing Business. We can come up with all sorts of brilliant reasons to stop ourselves and ultimately it’s more about keeping ourselves safe than anything else.

If we didn’t have all these pretty excuses and reasons listed out we might have to actually step up, do the work and create a life of total time, financial freedom and bliss and make a real difference to people. Wouldn’t that be awful, scary and just a total flip out???

The answer is for many of us YES it would be. We are comfortable where we are, as painful as it is, it’s what we know and change can feel scary. But if you ARE ready for change and ready to feel the fear and do it anyway because you’re sick of your current circumstances and ready to move on with your life let’s look at and flip these!

Remember ALL of the following excuses can be turned into reasons WHY. Don’t have time? Build this business so you HAVE more time! No money? Build this business so you HAVE money! And so on.

So let’s look at the top ones that come up for people.

I don’t have time for classes, mentoring, follow up etc/ I feel guilty about spending time away from my children family/have another job/am studying.”

Instead of saying I don’t have time for something try shifting your language and saying it’s not a priority for me because that is the reality of the situation. If it was a priority you would find time. There are people in doTERRA who have built their business alongside a full time job, with 8+ young kids, breastfeeding little ones (that’s how I started and even did Diamond Club while still breastfeeding my youngest and also had my four year old as well!).

Stop feeling guilty and understand that sacrifices are made now so you can spend even MORE time with your family and loved ones later, without stressing about money, having EXACTLY the kind of holidays you’ve always dreamed of. And if you really can’t bare to take the time understand that that is a choice you are making, it really ISN’T a priority for you and make peace with that. Be clear about that.


Realistically if this IS a priority it’s not like you won’t be present for your family as you build, it doesn’t require 24/7 attention. Hold classes in your home or in other locations at night after they’re in bed! Yes you’ll have some weekends and travel time away from family if you’re super serious about building your biz, isn’t it important for children to see their mother/father going out after their goals? Wouldn’t you want that for them when they grow up? And when you are with them, be there with them.

If it’s a priority to you you WILL find time and a way to make it work. In our Tapping Into Network Marketing Success e-course we have a video on Guilt about Spending Time and Money on Your Biz (and away from loved ones) that will help further shift this block.

“I have few friends and family and don’t know enough people and the ones I DO know definitely aren’t interested in the oils or opportunity”

I have literally yet to meet anyone that has two friends on their facebook friends list or two contacts in their phone. You know a LOT more people than you realise. Take the time to write down the names of everyone you know. Go through by categories. People you went to school/uni with, colleagues from all your jobs, neighbours, your hairdresser, physio, osteo, chiro, beauty therapist, friends, family and then guess what START CREATING NEW CONNECTIONS AND CONTACTS. Make an effort to make NEW friends.

Jump on and start attending things that or of interest to you. People you go to yoga with, pilates, dance class, pottery class, meditation, small business networking events etc. Check out the INVITE video of my PIPES free training series and remember network marketing is not just about who you know. Have some classes in your home and then learn how to book classes from those classes and help the people YOU know share with the people they know. That’s where the greatest success is.

You don’t get to decide who is interested in the oils and opportunity. Let people make that decision for themselves. What if someone decided that about you and didn’t share with you? Wouldn’t it be a great loss not to have these oils, opportunity and community in your life? People in my life and online made that decision for me and didn’t share the oils/opportunity with me and then eventually when someone decided that maybe I MIGHT be interested, those other folk missed out on having the world’s youngest Presidential Diamond on their frontline because they got in their own way and decided for me! Don’t make the same mistake. Give people experiences of the oils. When someone shares a challenge in their life with you ask them

“Would it be ok with you if I shared something with you that’s really helped me with that?”

Give them a sample, ask for their details to send more info and if it’s ok if you check in with them in a few days to see how they’re going and from there invite them to a workshop to learn more!

This is a very common and huge block for people though which is why when I was formulating the topics for our Tapping Into Network Marking Success e-course I included Fear of Talking to People and Convincing Them, Fears About Finding People for Business and Fear of Not Finding Good Builders.

“Im too poor! I don’t have enough money to build this business”

This excuse honestly doesn’t make much sense to me given literally enrolling people will give you fast start commissions and therefore instantly solves this problem! And if you “can’t afford” the empower kit and oils to even get started to do that sell things in your home that you no longer need, put stuff on Gumtree/eBay. Again if it really is a priority for you you will find a way to make it happen.

Before doTERRA I believed I was a victim of crappy circumstance, I played the blame game, it was all everyone else’s fault, poor me, excuses, it’s too hard, whine, whinge and moan and live a pretty dismal, angry, sad existence.

Then I began to learn that I had FAR more choice in the matter than I ever realised or thought possible. It was a terrifying realisation really that I created my reality, it was SOOOO much easier to blame everything else.

The fact is when I think thoughts like I’m a loser, everyone hates me, people are out to get me, I’ll never be successful, I’m not smart enough, people don’t like me, no one respects me, I hate life, the Universe is a cruel place, people aren’t nice, why would anyone want to follow me.. those are the experiences I will create for myself as that is the energy and vibration I am giving out.

If I think thoughts like I am incredible creator, people love, honour, value and respect me, people want to follow and do business with me, people think I am an incredible leader, people listen to what I have to say, people want to and are excited to work with me, the Universe is an amazing, abundant, kind, loving, safe place, I am legendary, I am brilliant, I am amazing, I am kind, I am loved… those are the experiences I will create for myself as that is the energy and vibration I am giving out!!!

Check out this video on top tips to building your business when you don’t have a lot of money

Try using the Manifesting Blend Wild Orange, the Oil of Abundance, Patchouli the Oil of Physicality and Ginger the Oil of Empowerment and you guessed it TAPPING!! We have one in our e-course on Lack Mentality and Poverty Consciousness.

“I don’t know enough about the oils/products/compensation plan/opportunity to share with anyone!!”

I think one of the biggest reasons I have been so successful in this business is because I’m NOT polished and perfect, it is probably blindly obvious to most that I am simply getting in and giving it a crack, which allows people the mindset of hey, she’s just doing some simple things to create a life of freedom for her family, she’s pretty down to earth and real, maybe I can do this too???

If I had the air of doing this for a million years and knowing EVERYTHING how many would believe they too can do what I’m doing?

I don’t know everything, never will. Of course I know more than you if you are starting today or are early on in your journey. But at your point I didn’t!!!! I just took inspired action, allowed myself the freedom to NOT be perfect and know it all and learnt as I went…

Instead of over analysing and telling myself I needed to have the Modern Essentials book memorised inside out and back to front, I needed to understand the compensation completely AND be able to teach it to anyone, I needed the perfect elevator pitch, I needed a Dr Hill level of understanding of essential oils, I needed my health to be better, I needed more money, my kids needed to be older, I needed to be more liked, I needed x,y,z and everything in between…

I simply chose to take imperfect action day in day out and LEARN AS I BUILT MY BUSINESS!

I honestly think practice is the best way to learn and of course learn the theory but not at the expense of creating an income WHILE you do it..

elizabeth gilbert quote

It’s literally extremely simple, in our company order an empower kit, read off the sheet, share why you are sharing these oils at the start of class (briefly) pass around the oils and let people smell and experience them..

Do your follow up, be prepared with samples, simply chat with people and make an effort to connect!

Attend training, bring others to training, help people have access to the resources (such as the Modern Essentials Book/app, online training like my youtube channel etc) they need to use their oils and products and build a successful business. You are not their guru, you are not anyones guru. So it’s absolutely unnecessary and even prohibitive for you to know everything under the sun.

You want to empower people to be able to find the answers for themselves.

I understand this is a pretty common block though which is why in our Tapping Course we included a video on Being Afraid to Start- Perfectionism.

Some of the others include topics like-

Not Feeling Qualified (big one in our industry!)

Worrying About What Others Think

Presentation Zone (smashing those workshops, events, videos and trainings!)

“I don’t want to ask people to join the Loyalty Rewards Program and set ANOTHER order up after they’ve just spent money getting their account/kit!”

Their card will not be charged until the order ships the following month and you are not ROBBING people it is money they are already spending at the chemist/supermarket etc on mostly toxic rubbish that damages their health and environment, instead why not support people to spend that same money on products that will support theirs and their families health and farmers globally including in many developing countries. Help them discover the toothpaste, skin care, cleaning products supplements and other oils that are going to make a real difference to their life. You are doing them a great service by supporting them to create a wellness lifetime and a great DISSERVICE if you don’t share this info with them.

Shift your mindset on it and check out this video from one of our Diamond leaders Alison Bartolo so you can feel confident in sharing the Loyalty Rewards Program with people. Our tapping video on Fear of Talking to People/Convincing them will also help shift this.

“I lack confidence and belief in myself”

Use your oils to support you through this and make your own Self Belief blend to anoint yourself with regularly with oils like Bergamot, Geranium, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine. Read the book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and start practicing mirror work and affirmations.

Attend training, reach out to your upline and spend time with fellow Wellness Advocates who can help encourage, uplift and support you as you do for them.

We grow in confidence as we do so remember to just feel the fear and DO IT ANYWAY!!!! Sometimes we just have to do it scared. I have been TOTALLY out of my comfort zone for the large majority of my time building this business, that’s where the magic happens!

In our Tapping Course we have videos on Self Doubt, Self Sabotage, Not Feeling Deserving, Worrying About What Others Think,  Doubts about Being a Leader and Fear of Success. Tapping is literally the best confidence building tool that I know of and has transformed the way I feel about myself along with affirmations, being involved in the doTERRA community of legends and using my oils.

“My family and friends don’t support me.. everyone is judging my filthy pyramid scheme”

Why would you let anyone else dictate what YOU want for your life?? Just because someone says something about it does that mean you should drop it and do what makes THEM feel comfortable?? What kind of a life is that?

Understand that this is normal and many of us experience this from at least one person in our life, often the people closest to us. In our Tapping Course we have a video on Not Feeling Support or Taken Seriously By Loved Ones and Worrying About What Others Think that can help with shifting this.

It will also help to really understand what a pyramid scheme is and WHY Network Marketing is TOTALLY AWESOME so that you are confident in what you’re doing. I’ve done a blog on this that will help with that in a big way!

Other excuses

Procrastination > Remember Procrastination isn’t Laziness it is Fear, the Cure for Fear is Taking Action

Fear of Public Speaking > It get’s easier! Use Lavender the Oil of Verbal Communication on Your Throat and Spearmint the Oil of Confident Speech, read off the empower kit and pass around the oils, have an upline help you with your first class if possible or watch some on youtube!

Fear of Being Pushy > There’s no need for it, just want for them to share a challenge with you and offer them an experience!

Not Feeling Supported By Your Upline> BE the kind of leader you wish for, you are always where you should be for your highest growth and greater good. This is not up to your upline, downline or anyone else. This is your business. Take FULL responsibility for it. Everything you need is inside you and already out there! Find what you need and make it happen!

Not Seeing Results/Progress Fast Enough and Feeling Disappointed > Are you genuinely doing everything you can to create momentum in your biz? At least 2+ classes a week will help you see real results in your biz. Stay the course!

And we have Tapping videos in our course on ALL of the above.

What even is Tapping anyway? It is also known as Emotional Freedom Technique but is often referred to as ‘Tapping’ as it uses a two finger tapping process on acupressure points with a cognitive acceptance statement. Similar to acupuncture but instead of needles we are using our fingers to tap! We are working with energy and it seriously works! EFT has been researched in more than 10 countries, by more than 60 investigators, whose results have been published in more than 20 different peer-reviewed journals. Tapping has a very positive effect on our stress hormone cortisol by helping to statistically signifcantly lower it.

I hope this helps you drop the excuses and shift them to reasons why. I’m super excited about our course which starts Jan 1st! What a way to start the new year by shifting limiting beliefs and negative thinking and get you in the zone. Register here and you’ll find more info on what tapping is, how it works, all the other video topics, testimonials and affiliate details here.

Here’s to your wildest success in the New Year!

Jessie Reimers, doTERRA Presidential Diamond


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