PIPES- Free Webinar Training Series

Here is a training series I created on the PIPES. The daily activities that create success in your doTERRA business.

PIPES was developed by our incredible Double Diamond Leaders Natalie and Andy Goddard and it stands for Prepare, Invite, Present, Enroll, Support.


How to set goals, plan and strategise for this month and year ahead.


How to effectively share the oils, sample, social media, invite to classes and approach people


How to gain confidence in talking to people, teaching classes, teaching people about the business opportunity, webinars, live videos and more.


How to close in a class/one on one, how to effectively talk about and get people to see the value and engage in LRP, how to get a commitment for hosting a class and talk about sharing/building and how to conduct a wellness consult.


How to launch new builders, support events, train people in the business, mentor people, nurture relationships and recognise success.

Feel free to share this with your teams. I hope you find it super useful! You can do this :)