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Hi I’m Jessie Reimers, doTERRA Presidential Diamond Leader, seven figure earner and a woman on a mission  to empower as many lives as possible through pure, potent, therapeutic grade essential oils and products and a revolutionary opportunity for people to create abundance, time and financial freedom and the life of their dreams. 

Ready to join us?

Visit here, follow the prompts and make sure you pick the Wellness Advocate (wholesale prices) option, the most popular kits are the Home Essentials or Oil Sharing Kits. More options here.

My Journey

Three years ago however was a different story, I was on Centrelink (welfare), struggling significantly with my energy levels, gut health, skin and other significant health challenges and had very little hope for the future. Finances were a huge stress and I wasn’t passionate about anything in particular. I didn’t like myself and I was very lonely, negative and living in fear.

I’d dabbled in a few areas of study but was always one to get bored and quit whatever I was doing, I couldn’t stand the corporate roles I had previously worked in, commuting, being away from my kids and working in a high pressure environment doing something I wasn’t even passionate about, making a difference to no one.

Then essential oils fell in my lap and changed my entire life. I was able to start supporting my physical, emotional and spiritual health with these divine oils. Support my gut, my sleep, skin, immune system, respiratory system and detox my home and what’s more I could share my life changing experiences with others and start to financially provide for my family!

Within 60 days I had achieved the level of Silver, I was Gold in 6 months, Diamond by 11, Blue Diamond by 18 months and 2 years and 4 months from the date I opened my wholesale account I had achieved the rank of Presidential Diamond.


But it’s not just about what I can achieve, it’s about what I can help others achieve through my world class training, resources, support, community and leaders. I understand deep in my heart that literally anyone can achieve in this business. Not everyone WILL, but anyone can, from any background, education or experience and my biggest passion is helping others see the value in themselves, believe in and find that inner strength and courage, dare to dream and realise their full potential.

They just need to be willing to share from their heart, help others, work on themselves, empower themselves with the training and resources myself and team members provide and take personal responsibility and make a decision to change their life and as many others as possible.

To date we have 1 Blue Diamond Leader,  9 Diamond Leaders, 5 Platinums, 24 Golds, 51 Silvers, 140 Premiers and 940 Elites. And we are only just getting started!

So what is doTERRA?

doTERRA have amazing natural, 100% pure Essential Oils and other products that I have found extremely beneficial in my life and I believe everyone from the very young to the very elderly can benefit from, to read more about why I chose to work with this particular brand read this post

The doTERRA Opportunity

They also have an amazing compensation plan where you get rewarded simply for sharing something you love with others. It is a fantastic opportunity for anyone passionate about wellness and products to support your health naturally and detox your home. 

I work with people from many different backgrounds from stay at home or work at home mums or dads, energy healers, physiotherapists, naturopaths, people with corporate backgrounds, bloggers, speakers, massage therapists, teachers and people like me with no formal business or tertiary qualifications but who are hungry for an opportunity to change theirs and others lives.

One of my favourite parts is that I don’t have to personally post everything or handle customer service. The company do all of that for you! All you do is educate and empower people and the rest is done for you while you get paid for doing what you love!

How do I share?

The easiest way to share with people is by giving them a sample based on whatever their needs are. You can also share extremely effectively online through facebook, instagram, facebook groups, a blog etc. 

You can also hold classes, workshops or other events to introduce people to these amazing oils/products. See my events tab for the ones I am currently doing in Brisbane and around Australia (or feel free to bring people to classes already on as well!)

You can approach other business owners- Wellness Centres, Spas etc as well. There are really endless ways to effectively share.

The amount you can earn is really quite limitless. doTERRA is not an ‘illegal’ pyramid scheme and you can easily outrank people above you, it is a direct selling company where you are rewarded for sharing!

To get started you will need to get a wholesale account and become a Wellness Advocate. You can be in our team no matter where you are in Australia and doTERRA is also available in many countries around the world. You can share with family members and friends overseas and still earn commission!

The best part is you can help people get wholesale access to the oils as well as sell retail if you wish and there is NO minimum monthly order unless they would like to do what you are doing and start sharing and earning commission, which also benefits you! If you want to earn commission there is a min monthly order of 100pv which in Australian $ is equal to around $120-$140 depending on what you order. See the full price list for wholesale prices and PV value. But the best bit is you can use your commission monies to cover this! It can also be started or stopped at any time. I only ever paid for my initial kit, everything else since has been covered and then some, I have MORE than replaced a full time income in a very short space of time and this will continue to grow as I help others achieve success.

People LOVE being in our team as it is such a supportive, community environment, we have a private, members only facebook group, a free short video series, comprehensive online training you can take at your own pace, lots of events you can immerse yourself in and the best part is we are all here to help make a difference in peoples lives with tools that can support them on a physical, emotional and energetic/spiritual level, PLUS we get to help others achieve abundance, DOES IT GET ANY BETTER??!!!AF4I0155-Edit-Edit

doTERRA Facts & More Info

Here are some facts about the company taken from this fact sheet.

Company Profile: dōTERRA International, LLC

dōTERRA® International, LLC produces and distributes exceptionally high quality CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils through more than a million independent distributors, also known as Wellness Advocates, around the world. In addition to a premium line of essential oils used by individuals and health-care professionals alike, the company also offers products that are naturally safe, purely effective, and infused with CPTG essential oils, including personal care and spa products, nutritional supplements, and healthy living products.

Growth Milestones

  • May 2008 – dōTERRA founded
  • December 2008 – dōTERRA reaches $1 million in sales
  • November 2009 – dōTERRA has first $1 million month
  • Throughout 2012 – dōTERRA has regular $1 million days
  • March 2013 – dōTERRA breaks ground on state-of-the-art corporate headquarters
  • July 2014 – dōTERRA reaches more than 1,000,000 Wellness Advocates
  • August 2014 – dōTERRA corporate headquarters Phase 1 completed

Industry Leading Retention

dōTERRA enjoys a 65 percent retention rate, compared to a direct selling industry average near 10 percent. After joining dōTERRA, 65 percent of all customers reorder, continue to share dōTERRA products, or build a dōTERRA business. Why?

  • Customers and Wellness Advocates are satisfied with product value
  • High satisfaction levels lead to a desire to share products and success with others
  • Product sales leaders recognize the value of dōTERRA’s powerful compensation plan

CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® — An Innovative Standard

dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils represent the safest and most beneficial oils available in the world today. For an oil to be CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade the oil must be:

  • Pure and natural, with aromatic compounds carefully extracted from plants
  • Free from fillers or artificial ingredients; no dilution of active qualities
  • Free of contaminants, pesticides, or chemical residues
  • Rigorously tested for standards of chemical composition
  • Cross tested using mass spectrometry and gas chromatography to ensure exact purity and composition potency
  • Sourced by a global network of leading essential oil chemists and growers to ensure correct species, growth in ideal environments, and that raw plant materials were carefully harvested at the right time

Philanthropic Efforts

dōTERRA focuses philanthropic efforts through the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation. Its mission is to bring healing and hope to the world, for lives free of disease and poverty, and ultimately to teach impoverished cultures to be self-reliant.

The foundation is supported by contributions from dōTERRA Wellness Advocates, retail and preferred customers, company employees and executives, and others who share our vision. Donations are collected through monthly contributions, one-time contributions, and select product sales. For more information visit Healing Hands.

Ready to join us?

Visit here, follow the prompts and make sure you pick the Wellness Advocate (wholesale prices) option, the most popular kits are the Home Essentials or Oil Sharing Kits. More options here.

Here’s some of us enjoying an amazing trip to Fiji (expenses paid)!



I love my incredible team. Such a beautiful community of like minded, hilarious, generous, kind souls that inspire me on a daily basis. A shot of some of my Diamond and Platinum leaders sharing hilarious speeches at our team dinner at @sagecaferestaurant recently. Just the best people. So grateful for their influence and impact on my life. Best community to be a part of. #doterraau #team #dinner #love #gratitude #community #laughs #joy #friends

I love my incredible team. Such a beautiful community of like minded, hilarious, generous, kind souls that inspire me on a daily basis. A shot of some of my Diamond and Platinum leaders sharing hilarious speeches at our team dinner at @sagecaferestaurant recently. Just the best people. So grateful for their influence and impact on my life. Best community to be a part of. #doterraau #team #dinner #love #gratitude #community #laughs #joy #friends


Amy Innes- Founder of Healthy Belly, Happy Mind, Health Coach & Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Mum and doTERRA Diamond Leader (average annual earnings of a Diamond Biz $204k)

image-1“Jessie is an incredible leader and I feel extremely blessed to have partnered with her in my business. Her passion for health and wellness shines through with everything she does. She is an amazing mentor, role model and friend and I am lucky to have her in my life. doTERRA for me has been an incredible life changer both financially and in health and I love that I am able to create a heart centred business helping others.

If you have been thinking about jumping on board with doTERRA for a while, I recommend jumping right in. Jessie genuinely wants to help and support her team to succeed, her encouragement and guidance is second to none and I am grateful to be a part of her essential oil community.”

Chantal Roelofs- Marine Biologist (previously) Coach & Consultant, Mum & doTERRA Platinum Leader (average annual earnings for a Platinum biz is $106k)

“I was initially attracted to work with Jessie through her ethics, integrity and visibility of her social campaigning and social advocacy work (thinking to myself….for this person to align herself with dōTERRA essential oils….they have to be an amazing sustainable and ethical company – I have to find out more about this!!!). And I am so glad that I did. I’ve marked 6th April 2015 down in my diary as the start of an exciting adventure with her and it has turned out to be so much more than I could have ever imagined. I was so blown away with the quality of the oils – I knew instantly I wanted to build a business around them with Jessie. I certainly didn’t expect this journey to be as rewarding and fulfilling as the reality it has been. The oils – purest and most potent in the world – have become a natural solutions lifestyle that supports my family in all aspects of our lives, and we will continue to use them for maintaining the wellbeing of our family (our immunity has never ever been this good!!) and for the emotional support (for sleep, stress, lifting mood, focussing on work etc) and making a whole lot of natural solutions products with the power of the oils. We have replaced SO many things we would have normally bought from the supermarket with very high quality pure oils – so I now save more money by buying the oils, rather than purchasing alternative products from shops and pharmacies. And being a foodie – they have taken my cooking to a whole other level (raw carrot cake bliss balls with cardamom, cinnamon and ginger oils anyone ??)

Within 1 year, with Jessies support and guidance, I had replaced a full-time income, and I am supporting many other women in my team to do the same. I have the pleasure of leading a team across Australia, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, to support them in their oil use and for those who choose (at anyone can at anytime) to build a business. My business will be replacing my husbands income in 2017 – which is a dream– so we are creating the life with the financial freedom we crave, and we want to experience a whole lot more with our girls (road trip with a camper-trailer around Australia coming up !!).

When you say “yes” to working with Jessie – you get someone who will provide you with more belief in you- than you have in yourself. Jessie gets you to rise up to smash through any doubt or limiting belief to be the best version of yourself. She is generous in her resources in leadership and training, and will over-deliver what you need to reach your aspirations and dreams in creating the life that you want to live. I have such huge gratitude for this amazing light filled human being in my life. If you feel curious about saying “yes” to working with Jessie. Do yourself a favour and jump in. She will teach you to swim just beautifully.



Ready to join us?

Visit here, follow the prompts and make sure you pick the Wellness Advocate (wholesale prices) option, the most popular kits are the Home Essentials or Oil Sharing Kits. More options here.

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