More Heart Foundation Lies & Hypocrisy


Yeah clearly your heart healthy advice, margarine, vegetable and seed oils and Tick of Approval program is working really fucking well for people with these kinds of statistics.

This was the statement released two days ago on their website.
“Cholesterol still important risk factor for heart disease

The National Heart Foundation of Australia maintains there is a clear link between saturated fat, cholesterol and heart disease, despite ABC media reports questioning the vast evidence base.”

WHERE THE FUCK IS THIS VAST EVIDENCE BASE?? Why even bother releasing a statement and not providing an easy and clear link to this ‘vast evidence base’ you speak of? Your evidence is horseshit and has been debunked by so many massive studies and huge body of research it is not even funny. You can no longer just say there is a clear link between saturated fat, cholesterol and heart disease and then not have a huge amount of links there to back up your point. We are no longer going to be brain washed by the words ‘artery clogging saturated fats’ and ‘unhealthy saturated fats’ and ‘dangerously high cholesterol’ without actual shit to back this rubbish up!! YOUR ADVICE IS FAILING, LOOK AROUND!

How can you ignore something like this massive meta-analyses which covered over 347, 747 subjects and found absolutely no correlation between intake of saturated fat and cardiovascular disease. Not that correlation can ever equal causation anyway which is a particularly bad failing of all of these studies but still, it’s something quite large to just be swept under the carpet

Personally I think its stupid that we even need studies to show something so logical and obvious… here is an excerpt from Weston A Price which explains it brilliantly

“The truth is that natural, unprocessed, traditional fats are a vital part of a healthy diet and should be generously included. Our bodies need saturated fats and the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and K are found in animal fats, particularly when these fats come from grassfed animals.

Adequate consumption of the fat soluble activators A, D, and K also supercharges mineral absorption and therefore renders your entire diet even more nutritious!
In other words, it is possible to consume plenty of minerals but still be mineral starved without proper amounts of healthy fats in the diet.

Eating plenty of Traditional, whole fats is critical to being well nourished. You simply cannot be healthy without them.

Let’s talk about cholesterol for a moment.

One reason people avoid animal fats is because they are afraid of the cholesterol they contain. But the natural cholesterol in animal fats is very important for tissue repair and brain function, which explains why blood cholesterol levels slowly rise as we age. It is important to note that women with the highest cholesterol live the longest! This is likely because cholesterol provides the building blocks necessary for the body’s production of natural steroids that protect against cancer, heart disease, and cancer. Cholesterol is also important for growing children as it helps build a healthy brain, nervous system and intestinal tract.

It is the oxidized or rancid cholesterol found in processed foods that should be avoided as consuming this type of cholesterol raises the risk of many inflammatory conditions, such as heart disease.
If this paradox seems hard to grasp at first, consider the fact that coronary heart disease prior to 1920 was extremely rare in America, yet during this same period, Americans were famous for drowning everything in butter and cream!

My own Grandfather, who made his livelihood as a butcher, always ate the thick strip of fat surrounding his steaks and fried 2 eggs in butter every morning for breakfast. He lived independently on his own to the ripe old age of 97!

This personal example is more the rule than the exception for the pre-WWII generations. Those raised on wholesome fats seem to be a much hardier stock than the pale children of today who are given lowfat milk and butter substitutes.

Traditional cultures instinctively knew the value of wholesome fats in the diet. In fact, these cultures greatly revered these foods and took special care to ensure that growing children, pregnant mothers, and the elderly were provided sufficient quantity to maintain health.”

But anyway, here are some of your precious studies. As broken down here.

1948 – today – Framingham Heart Study. Result: No association between fat intake and heart disease. No association between fat intake and cholesterol.
Longest running study, which started in 1948 and is still going (longest heart study that has ever been done).
“In Framingham, Massachusetts, the more saturated fat one ate, the more cholesterol one ate, the more calories one ate, the lower people’s serum cholesterol.” Dr William Castelli, director of the Framingham Study, 1992. The researchers also stated that they found no association between fat intake and coronary disease.

1972 – Minnesota coronary study. Result: Cholesterol-lowering diet causes greater mortality

The Minnesota Coronary Study was done as early as 1972 and showed that people on a cholesterol-lowering diet had significantly greater mortality than those on a regular diet. Did we hear about it? No. The results were finally published in 1989. 17 years later! When interviewing Ivan Frantz Jr, Gary Taubes asked why the results weren’t published in 1972, and the response was “We didn’t like the results.” Ancel Keys was a collaborator for the study.

1984 – Multiple risk factor intervention trial. Result: Reducing saturated fat intake had no effect on preventing heart disease.
The group following the intervention reduced their cholesterol consumption by 42%, saturated fat by 28%, and it had no effect on preventing heart disease.

“The overall results do not show a beneficial effect on coronary heart disease or total mortality from this multifactor intervention.”
1988 – Attempt to prove sat fat caused heart disease. Result: Project cancelled after 11 yrs – no evidence

In 1988, the surgeon general’s office (head of the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (PHSCC)) decided to gather all the evidence linking saturated fat to heart disease. In 1999, after 11 years, they were unable to prove it, and they killed the project. The comment from Bill Harlan was “The report was initiated with a preconceived opinion of the conclusions, but the science behind those opinions was clearly not holding up. Clearly the thoughts of yesterday were not going to serve us very well.”

No report was ever released, but Gary Taubes (science journalist educated at Harvard and Stanford) interviewed the people involved in the project: Marion Nestle, who helped launch the project and now runs the nutrition and food studies department at New York University (NYU), and Bill Harlan, a member of the oversight committee and associate director of the Office of Disease Prevention at NIH. I spoke to Gary personally, but the findings are also documented here:

Science 30 March 2001:
Vol. 291. no. 5513, pp. 2536 – 2545
DOI: 10.1126/science.291.5513.2536

The Heart Foundation said it “has serious concerns about the conclusions presented in the ABC Catalyst program and is shocked by the disregard for the extensive evidence upon which the Heart Foundation’s recommendations are made.”

You know what I have serious concerns about? The fact that you are literally killing people with shit advice based on profits rather than health.

“Australians need to be aware that the information presented by the ABC is not supported by the Heart Foundation and that there is international scientific consensus that replacing saturated fat with ‘good’ unsaturated fat, in particular polyunsaturated fat, reduces your risk of heart disease.”

There are studies all over the world showing the dangers of man made, polyunsaturated fats and linking margarine, vegetable and seed oils with all kinds of terrible chronic, degenerative illness, including heart disease, wake the fuck up. This is ONE well reference article on the subject.

“This position is supported by the World Health Organisation, other leading International Heart Associations such as the American Heart Association, CSIRO, Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) and consistent with the Australian Government’s Australian Dietary Guidelines which reviewed more than 700 studies.”

Oh great more corrupt bodies basing their shitty guidelines on who has the most cash to line their pockets with, rather than the truth. I love the DAA in particular, main sponsors, big meat, big dairy, big grain as well as Nestle and Kelloggs. Awesome. That’s where I want to get my dietary advice from, not..

“The Heart Foundation believes that to say otherwise is misleading and may be putting people’s health at risk. The charity is urging people not to change their diet or medication until they speak to their GP.”

HYPOCRISY AT ITS BEST!! Is your GP giving you this kind of advice? RUN THE FUCK AWAY!! Educate yourself or see someone who understands the importance of a traditional diet as well as the vital roles of saturated fat and cholesterol in the body.

“High cholesterol remains a risk factor for heart disease, the number one killer of Australians. If you have high cholesterol it is more likely that your arteries are getting blocked and you may have a heart attack.”

WTF??? Where did you pull this one from? It has been shown again and again that those who suffer heart attacks often have low cholesterol and that cholesterol is all over the place (no real relationship). To really understand the relationship of cholesterol and heart disease this is a great place to start.

“While limiting saturated fat is particularly important for those who have high cholesterol or a family history of heart disease, it’s important to remember that cholesterol is just one risk factor for heart disease and all other risks need to be considered to work out a person’s overall risk of heart attack.”

The Heart Foundation recommends a healthy, balanced diet, which includes eating a variety of foods including fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, reduced fat dairy and healthier fats, while limiting the bad saturated fats.”

The Heart Foundation recommends a diet that is very, very far from what a human should be consuming, low fat concoctions, heavily grain based, devoid of essential fats and nutrition- a recipe for obesity, type 2 diabetes and HEART DISEASE.

“The Heart Foundation has been a trusted voice in nutrition for many decades because it makes its recommendations based on good quality, strong scientific evidence, and nothing else.”

I call BULLSHIT! The Heart Foundation have major links to the sugar, seed oil and margarine industries. To name a few.

“There are of course always alternative theories, and while we support open debate, it’s important to remember that this is what they are, theories. We are continually reviewing the evidence base on which our recommendations are made, and should good quality evidence become available we will revise our recommendations.”

Evidently you are NOT reviewing the evidence base and continue to completely ignore the FACTS.

Oh and before you have a cry at me for my ‘offensive and vulgar language’ please take the time to be more offended by corrupt organisations that are giving advice that literally causes rather than prevents heart disease. Then read this blog post and harden the fuck up.

Please sign and share the petition!

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