Deeply Disturbing Nutrition Advice Handed out by a GP

Marinya Cottage Kitchen, a follower of my facebook page contacted me yesterday to share this leaflet with me. a friend of hers was diagnosed with high cholesterol-her Dr clearly forgot to mention higher cholesterol, especially in older women (but also in everyone) has been linked with LOWER MORTALITY RATES and DOES NOT CAUSE HEART DISEASE. Instead, predictably he gave her some leaflets (this is one of them) with some of the shittest advice I have ever seen in my life, direct from GUESS WHO, our wonderful friends at the Heart Foundation.



The shitty advice is in red ink. Red= BAD!!!

Use low fat milk, cheese, yoghurt and custard in place of regular full cream products. These are all low in fat, especially saturated fat.

Oh fuck me really?? I thought low in fat meant the products were loaded with fat? Shit all this time, if only my poor brain wasn’t so fucking deprived of essential fat and cholesterol I MIGHT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO FIGURE THAT ONE OUT. What a joke.

I will repeat myself over and over for as long as I have to. Saturated fat DOES NOT CAUSE HEART DISEASE. Low fat products are utter crap, in fact they are much more likely to lead to weight gain and often contain low fat milk solids which oxidise cholesterol and are far more damaging to our bodies then our full fat friends, not to mention when you remove fat it is either replaced with a buttload of sugar or some toxic artificial sweetener rat poison such as aspartame. Plus it tastes like shit. Here are some links you can read and then revel in the wonderful news that you can eat and ENJOY delicious nutritious fat again, whilst  giving your brain, cells, hormone and sex function (hey your partner might like that one) and many other processes in the body the goddamn nutrition they need. Not to mention Vitamin D, which I keep hearing we are deficient in as a nation. What do they come up with to solve this problem? Freaking Vitamin D ‘fortified’ margarine. Give me a break. It’s fat soluble people and I don’t mean fake, man-made fats. Eat your bloody butter already and stop crying about all your joints aching, having no interest in sex, being overweight despite being on a ‘low fat, low calorie’ diet, not having the energy to get up in the morning and feeling old and fatigued. If you were giving your body what it needed every day instead of freaking Just Right with skim milk the picture would look very different.

Some preliminary reading for you-

Saturated fat does not cause heart disease, Why the Australian Heart Foundation won’t have Evidence Against Saturated Fat, Enjoy Saturated Fats They’re Good for You, Fat Can’t Make You Fat, Why Butter is Better, 7 Reasons why Butter is Good for You, Benefits of Real Butter. Not enough info to get you started?? Ask me for more, I dare you.

Try Vitari, a delicious fruit mix, instead of ice cream.

To be honest I didn’t even know wtf Vitari was. Surprise, surprise it’s some utter crap from our wonderful scheming friends at Nestle!! They never fail to provide us with delicious, highly nutritious products (hahaha!)

Use small, lean cuts of meat like lamb steaks, fillet steaks, veal steaks and new fashion pork steaks. Remove the skin from the chicken before you eat it or buy skinless chicken breasts. Try eating grilled fish at least once a week.

Can someone enlighten me as to what in seven hells a new fashion pork steak is?? Oh and since when in the HISTORY OF HUMANITY, have people cut off and DISCARDED the fat. That shit is literally a crime and should be an offence punishable by imprisonment. Pork crackling anyone?? (only if it’s organic, pasture raised of course :P)
Here is some reading for you as to why you should the fat with your meat as nature damn well intended. Oh also have a read of Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr Natasha Cambell McBride, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig.  They’ll give you the down low on fats (you’ll find loads of other wonderful books and publications once you go down this path).

I’ll gladly eat grilled fish once a week, as long as it’s not factory farmed, is low in mercury, free of toxins and has butter all over it. 

Use Canola and Olive oils, Canola, Becel, Flora, Miracle, Daffodil and Stork margarine’s instead of butter, dripping or table margarine (HOW DARE YOU PUT THE LIKES OF BUTTER AND DRIPPING IN THE SAME CATEGORY AS TABLE MARGARINE). Oh also this message was proudly brought to you by the above companies. We are paid to tell lies, oh so many lies, all in the name of profit, profit and more profit. These margarines are all low in trans fatty acids, a type of fat that should be limited in your diet.

CORRECTION NO AMOUNT OF TRANS FATTY ACIDS (from man-made sources, natural is an entirely different kettle of fish) is safe. All of these oils are toxic, rancid and highly inflammatory. They create free radicals in your body. Natural fats such as butter, lard, dripping and coconut oil are all delicious, perfectly healthy, nourishing fats and actually assist in combating inflammation, protecting against heart disease and providing the body with many essential vitamins and nutrients.

Try using plain, low fat yoghurt instead of cream or sour cream.

Try shoving your low fat propaganda up your ass. When you’re done with that try consuming pure products, Paris Creek Natural yoghurt is a favourite of mine because it is organic (so the animals are not being fed GMO crap, they naturally eat grass and the product will be free of a lovely array of chemicals and antibiotics). The only ingredients are whole milk and cultures, unfortunately even most organic varieties of yoghurt contain milk solids and other nasty and unnecessary ingredients. You could also try their lovely butter or culture some raw organic cream yourself to make your own sour cream.

Eat bread or toast with every meal with a scrape or margarine. Bread makes a great snack food too.

HOLY SHIT CRACKERS???!!!!!  Bread or toast with every meal AS WELL AS A SNACK!! I mean seriously. We’ve already discussed why I would rather eat a tub of horse manure than margarine (well we didn’t but we can if you want). So why don’t I eat bread? I don’t just mean that white tip top shit either- good on you mum, thanks for giving us Wheat Flour, Water, Maize Starch, Baker’s Yeast, Soy Fibre, Wheat Gluten, Vinegar, Iodised Salt, Vegetable Gum (412), Soy Flour, Canola Oil, Emulsifier (481), Vitamins (Thiamin, Folate, Vitamin E, Niacin, Vitamin B6), Minerals (Iron, Zinc). PS good luck absorbing all those fortified unavailable nutrients in between the clusterfuck of non food ingredients. No wholemeal bread will not save you, more info in links-

I do enjoy bread- the fresh home baked organic kind- especially if it’s sourdough as the fermentation process makes it far more digestible.

Use rice or pasta as a main meal a few times a week. Use a tomato based sauce with pasta. Excuse me, I believe I am perfectly capable of making my own goddamn sauce choices. Rice goes well with a casserole or stew. Or you could just enjoy your casserole and stew without the rice. Again refer to above articles about why grains should not be making up the bulk of our diets, I personally don’t have a problem with rice, I do believe most people have severe gut health issues as a result of following ridiculous nutrition advice and being highly over medicated and some would benefit from removing all grains for a period of time. However if your health and digestion is excellent rice would be fine to have.

Eat two pieces of fruit a day. Never have a day without fruit.

Why?? Am I going to actually die if I don’t eat my two pieces a day?? Seems a bit excessive… obviously fruit is a real food and is great to include in your food choices, preferably organic.

Eat 4 different vegetables a day. Don’t have any fat with your vegetables.

I don’t get why we have to put a number on everything. If you want to eat 12 different varieties in a day great,  it’s great to have vegetables of every colour of the rainbow in your diet. To enjoy vegetables more try sautéing them in coconut oil, deep frying them in duck fat, lard, tallow or drippings (mmm seriously roast in duck fat, nothing better) or have some butter with each mouthful, it will melt everywhere and be simply divine as well as VERY good for you!!

Try kidney beans, or 3 bean mix in casseroles or stews at least twice a week.

Why so everyone can enjoy some extreme flatulence and constipation, bloating and other unpleasant bowel symptoms? No thanks.. beans are not a necessary part of the diet, fine if you don’t react to them but they CAN cause digestive upset in some people and they aren’t a MUST HAVE!

Ok I’m bored now, I’m sure you are too. Figure the rest out for yourself. PS eggs are what I consider to be the most nutritious food on the planet- that is if they are from an organic, pasture raised or raised in your backyard feeding on grass, organic grains and worms. You do not need to limit your intake in any way. If you DARE make an egg white omelette and throw out that yolk I will backhand you faster than the batman meme.

Please sign and share this petition to stop these clowns giving innocent and unsuspecting people who rely on them to give them the best possible information, rubbish like this.

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